Exploring the Beauty of London

Known for its colorful history and vibrant city, London is a home of plenty tourist attraction for many visitors from around the globe. The beautiful city is also known for its architecture, culture, art, entertainment and history. Amidst the grace and beauty of this wonderful city, it is no surprise that tourism in London has grown tremendously, and continues to thrive as the passing years goes by. London is the largest city located in the Western Europe and been regarded as second of the ‘global cities’ in the world. Despite of the progress that the city has gone through for the past years, still, London rank first when it comes to favorite tourist destination. And if you are planning to bring your family to a unique vacation getaway, this city has many beautiful places to offer. To give you a glimpse on which place to visit, the following are few of the best spot to complete your memorable vacation:

  • Blonde girlTower of London


The popular ‘Tower of London’ was built in 11th century, which we know has played a very important part in the English history. This famous tourist landmark is an original ‘royal fortress’ that is located on the north bank of river Thames. Tower of London was considered as one of the ‘best sites’ depicting the glory and history of England. Throughout the century, the tower has not only served as a palace but also served as a prison, arsenal (a place for storing equipment and weapons in the country), place for storing jewels and a chamber for torture. Millions of tourist visit the tower annually, in fact, it considered by UNESCO as one of the best heritage sites in the world since 1988.

  • Tower Bridge


Opened in 1984, Tower Bridge is already amusing hundreds of people for its wonderful structure. It is a suspension and bascule bridge over Thames, which is an iconic part of London skyline. The glinting blue in the upper walkways offer a special view of the building that connects the city’s center to the west and the east of Dockland. The exhibition of Tower Bridge attracts many people to visit the place while the construction was being explained by your tourist guide. Visitors are also allowed to look into the Victoria engine rooms and discover more about the power and components that raise the bridge’s bascules.

  • Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square is also one of the top attraction and famous Public Square in London tourism. This popular tourist attraction was built to commemorate the ‘Battle of Trafalgar’. Aside from its historical background, the place is also surrounded by other must-need-to-visit attraction such as the ‘St. Martin in the Fields’ in the east, the Strand located on the south of the church, the National Gallery situated in the north and other prominent statues which makes the square a unique and amazing attraction.

If you wanted to savor your vacation and enjoy your London getaway, these places are the best destination to visit.